4 Free Tips To Help You Get More Followers

The term followers refer to the people on Instagram platforms that buy into your messages and like what you do and end up supporting you in a variety of ways, as the case may be for your business or personal or social interest. I happen to prefer this terminology. It is a lot more honest and you know where you stand. It is so unlike Facebook where that platform makes reference to your ‘friends’. But are they really your friends.

In a professional sense, I would think not. The closest I would come to clarity on this is making reference to your frenemies, a slang and playful term to your like-minded rivals who also end up helping you out every once in a while. And through being active on their platforms, you end up helping them out as well. I am just about halfway through this post, so I’d like to get on with my four free tips for pulling in more followers.

It is more a case of trying to get free Instagram followers onto your platform. So, maybe buying followers (such as from Buzzoid) is not quite the thing. But then again. Let me just explain this to you quickly. If you have that luck at all, you’ve only got a handful of followers on your platform right now. It is taking forever for you to pull in new (free) followers. So, by buying a batch of followers, you are dealing with human emotions.

It is a marketing ploy that many of the professionals are still using to this day. Somehow or another, people are just so impressed with the numbers. They must be thinking that because this platform has so many followers, it’s really that popular, and trending, it must have some value and might just be the thing for them. Many folks seem to find it so hard to express or market themselves in just so many words.

But how hard can it be? Particularly if you happen to enjoy a juicy story or two of your own. You watch your TV shows regularly enough, don’t you? Take the idea from the serialized versions. Every week, you have to come back for more. The suspense continues to build. You cannot wait to find out what happens next. Same thing with social media story telling. Only you’ve got to really stretch your imagination because now you’ll be serializing events on a daily basis. Which brings me to the next point.

You’ll need to keep to a regular posting schedule. Start slacking off on this exercise and you’ll soon see how quickly followers lose interest. They won’t hang around. They’ll quietly ‘un-follow’ you and move on to the next platform. Finally, it’s not all that difficult to design your own unique brand for your Insta platform because you’ve got so many user-friendly tools to work with to help you achieve this objective.

I think that just about covers it. Hope it’s going to help you out.

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