Become Your Own Tech Guru

I’ve never been tech-conscious. And I don’t tend towards overkill in the way I utilize all the technologies at my disposal. This may be your sentiment as well. Like me, all you may wish to do is read, write and post and promote yourself every other day, enjoying basking in the sunshine of continued positive feedback and support. And as far as we are concerned, support means that we get Instagram followers on the trot. But it all comes to a big fat zero if we choose to completely ignore the use of technology.

What follows are a few reasonable tips to help you become your own best tech guru to give your Instagram platform the sonic boost it surely deserves. I have the old clichéd saying in mind as I write this. If it works for me, it will surely work for you. So, do get to work on how to develop good hashtags, create a recognizable brand, work with Instagram tools and compose algorithm-friendly captions, as well as using the purchase of Instagram followers (from to time) to strategic advantage. And you also need to become your best editor.

And then there is one thing that does not require a sound knowledge of tech. I believe in working smartly, not working myself to the bone. So, if I can get this much right, then so can you. Get to work. Hashtags. If your Instagram caption or post is going to be kept to the standard, short length, then I would prefer it if you use just one hashtag. I will be placing this important signpost towards the end of my writerly account. It makes the post look rather clean and tidy, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Of course, it goes without saying that this one hashtag needs to be wholly relevant. Research existing internet-based work similar in theme and subject to yours and you can very cleverly learn to piggy-back onto posts that are trending in a big way on any given day. In this case, there’s always a chance that people are going to click onto your link. While hash-tagging, if you will, try and work your committed brand into this hashtag to make it a regular and instantly recognizable feature on the internet.

The same goes for the captions that are going to follow under your thoroughly edited photos. Now, learning how to use tools was always icky for me. But afraid to say, it is all very necessary and quite worth your while. Instagram, in any case, has step by step, easy to follow guides on how to work effectively with its layout and angling tools. Again, if I could figure out how to use these, then so can you. Do the same with the editing tools at your disposal. Doing so allows you to create perfectly visible posts that are also compatible with, oh so, strange and foreign devices that today’s techie boys and girls are using these days.

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