Positive thoughts about Instagram

Not meaning to pat myself on the back in any self-centred way, but I like to believe that there are some things I have in common with some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of today’s twenty-first-century era. I can explain. And you can make a list of these great men too if you like. Pick a trade, something you are interested in, and pick a successful entrepreneur who is trending along the same lines as you are. Only the thing is, just up to before you started reading this positive note about the effective use of the Instagram platform, you haven’t achieved much, if anything, of late.

Maybe your headspace is in the same place it was for me until not too long ago. Maybe you are going through some of the growing pains that many of these great entrepreneurs went through at some stage of their business development. You have your doubts. You know you need them but you are still not completely sure how you can get more followers for Instagram marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. Now, I am not about to go through the numerous tips on how you can rectify all of your shortcomings with your Instagram platform.

There is plenty enough online reading material on the subject matter. All you have to do is just type in – tips for boosting your Instagram profile, or, how to get more followers on your Instagram platform, words to that effect – and you will see the lists. No, what I would like to do is share with you some positive thoughts I have been having lately about my own progress and how I quickly managed to dispel any negativity or doubt. I call it my four positives for Instagram. Positive thoughts. Positive actions. Positive developments. Positive results.

As I said, I still feel very positive about the Instagram platform. I am happy to say that I have been able to keep up my high work rate on the Instagram platform. But I must admit that I am still practising on how to make better use of my productivity and the hours available to me. This has to be aligned with addressing my health, it’s not always in a good space. But I do find that when I’m thinking positively, I start to feel better physically. Anyhow, I persist with my Instagram posts, they’re all positively drawn up, in spite of how I might be feeling on any given day.

This persistent never say die mentality, never taking things lying down, has led to some positive developments on my Instagram platform. New followers want to know more about my work. And then there are some who have come forward and asked whether I would like to do a job or two for them. And it is always about the can-do attitude, but with a dash of realistic expectations peppered in. So much so that I have seen the positive effects. It is cumulative and I continue to grow.

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